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Right, about to load up and get going eventually hitting GZ in Hampshire on Friday. There’s a few stops on the way that we’ll reveal later, and I’m going to experiment with lots of updates on Twitter, including in the game zone (Nothing too revealing for the opfor obviously!). So stay glued, we’ll be using the hashtag #GZWeekender and you can follow us either here on the right, or on our twitter feed here

We’ll see how it goes!


Now just a few scant weeks to go till we head south for THE bank holiday weekend bash at Ground Zero.

Raptors sign for the Others

Raptors sign for the Others

As is traditional we’ll be playing for “the others” dedicated to chaos and mayhem, and whose numbers stand at 470, vs Bravo (562) and Delta (569). So with 3 weeks to go there are 1601 bookings and there’s always a few more closer to the day… Will they top 1700 this year?

There’s some frantic last minute sorting of gear, and trying to work out just how many guns I want to carry up the hills. But even with usual chaos, in-game shennigans, Swampy on his iphone like a teenage girl, and outnumbered 3 to 1 it looks set to be a good weekend. Where else are you ever going to be part of an airsoft event on this scale?

It may not be the most serious event, but for sheer fun hard to beat…

The Raptors also have a surprise detour planned. More of that in the post match report!


But intend on getting there this year. 

Ground Zero’s National Airsoft Event is a biggy.  ‘The Weekender’ attracts over one thousand airsofters from around Europe and condenses them into a large, hilly wooded airsoft areana for a weekends socialising and shooting.

The site itself near Hazelwood is very large however having up to 500 per team on three teams means you are never far from a seriously large shoot up.  In recent years they have opened up a mature pine platation which provides an eery ardennes like forest to stalk through.  Particulary suitable for those of a sniper bent.

All types of airsoft can be encountered with CQB in the buildings, stalinkg in the woodland combined with the more open terrain of the 4×4 course giving open shoot outs between large groups.

Combined with an on site shop and bar its a cracking weekend with fellow airsofters and if you camp, a ‘social’ scene you wont forget.  Or in our case very often remember.

Last year we cancelled due there being no thursday camping, its a long way after all, however this year it may be back on and even if its not it left a big hole in the airsoft diary.  Hope to see you there.