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Quick post to point you all towards our new youtube channel where future videos of gamedays will be posted.


Quick thought for the day here. Watched this vid, seen via popular airsoft.

The actual poster of the vid asks what would you have done? Have a watch first…


I guess we can expect to see more of this as HD cams become cheaper and more frequent. My immediate thought was like may I suspect “what a cheating b*****d!”

But backing up a bit a few things occur.

We have no context. We don’t know if the video star has had an afternoon of shooting players who refuse to call and was frustrated and decided to do similar. Despite the video we cannot actually see the BB’s hit him only his reactions which we draw the inference that he was hit. There is so much we don’t see.

I also thought about my own play. Like everyone I hope I’m a sporting player, I like to think I call my hits, I occasionally even shout a “good shot” to whoever got me. I try not to overkill, and I like to giver players the chance to surrender rather than take a painful close range shot, and I try not to shout at people I’m convinced aren’t calling hits…

Do I manage to live up to these ideals all the time? Of course not. Can any player honestly say they have called every hit? I don’t mean intentionally necessarily, but when ricochets are flying, your webbing gets hit, you’re wearing a bit soft shot absorbing ghillie, or you’re in the middle of a dash for cover did you call every hit? Really?

Now consider this. That one time you don’t notice it, or were convinced it was a ricochet it gets videoed and put on youtube by an irate player. Is that likely to make you more or less sportsmanlike to players you don’t know?

Not sure myself, by all means show a ref to back up a complaint. Fair play to the guy who made the video for not losing his temper, but this now smacks of vindictiveness, which is no more gentlemanly than deliberately not calling the hit in the first place.

Controversial I’m sure. I’m certain we’ll see more of it in the future, just not convinced it’ll enhance the sport.