Below is a list of retailers who are UKARA members, I make no comment on how good/bad they are!

Airsoft Armouries
Airsoft World
Firesupport Ltd.
Ironfoot Industries
Wolf Armouries Airsoft UK Ltd
Zeroone Airsoft
Action Gamers UK
Action Hobbys
Airsoft Emporium
Airsoft Hut
Ambush Adventures
Circuit-Airsoft Ltd (Crawley Surplus Store)
Dingodogs Airsoft Ltd.
Elite Airsoft Essex
Elite Shooting Centre
Extreme Paintball+Airsoft Retail Ltd
Frogmore Grange Ltd
Green Zone Combat
Land Warrior Airsoft
Military in Surplus
Outdoor Pursuits (
Patrol Base
Pet Pet Pet
Platoon Stores
Predator Combat Games
SAT Team
Swindon Airsoft Supplies Ltd.
Tactical Airsoft UK Ltd.
Tactical Quartermaster
ToySoldiers Airsoft NI
Xsite Airsoft Limited

The Component Shop – not airsoft per se, but great for batteries, chargers and connectors

A few global online retailers. Beware the perils of importing and customs! Do some research first…
Gunner Airsoft

The following are retailers who have let their membership lapse (according to UKARA 29/08/10) and therefore cannot process UKARA memberships.

RedWolf Airsoft (UK) Ltd
J.D. Airsoft Ltd
Airsoft Elite
Airsoft QMS
Airsoft Skirmish
Combat Action Games
Combat Angel Airsoft (Angel London Trading Ltd.)
Fifth Column
FRV Airsoft
Kit-Up Limited
Northern Armouries Airsoft Supplies Ltd.
North East Tactical Store
Peanute-Online Limited T/A Peanuts
Phoenix Supplies
Shootercity Airsoft
Shoot & Scoot
Socom Tactical
Soldiers 3
s.w.a.t. airsoft
Troopers of Colchester