So I’ve used trip mines on and off for a few years. Had some great laughs usually with misfires whilst setting…. Spider.  Never owned any myself always used spiders 12g spring loaded affairs. Very effective but arsey to set. Well for me anyway so never thought to buy any for the sake of them sitting in a drawer and not being used.

Roll on to a recent game day and Jamieraptor pulls a small cylinder and trip line out and twirls it around like a nunchuck. Always interested in shiny new stuff Jamie let me have a go.

The dynatex Scaremonger is small, very easy to set yet easy to trigger , runs on 9mm blanks, is loud and has a built in safe mechanism. Bit pricey should it go missing as people have had happen but worth it all the same I think. Should be fun at the next skirmish. Sprayed mine up green as its a bit shiny and visible.


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  • David says:

    Hi, been looking into getting one of these for urban sniping and all that… Although after some research I can’t figure out how it’s anchored in one place and ran to the other. Can you shed any light on this?
    Thanks, Dave

    • Swampy says:

      Hi David

      It’s very simple the unit has a split ring on it, which als has the arming pin on, for attaching to a trip line which is supplied. When pulled the pin comes out and allows the unit to detaonate. I generally wrap the end of the line round a branch, run it across a path and then over another branch and down to the deck. Set the unit up and put the arming pin in. Generally doesn’t need much more securing than this. The pin is firmly held in the unit but also is released quite easily. Good balance so not too much force is needed to activate but not so loose that wind can activate it

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