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Short note, it appears that MARRS airsoft, a site in the north east has ceased playing. Never attended myself but a shame none the less. More sites means more players, so a shame to see any site close down.

If I hear of any new venture by the guys there rest assured a post will follow.


It wasn’t my intention to just put random airsoft posts on the team website, but this video was so good I thought it warranted sharing! It captures the feeling of airsoft sniping really well for me. Well edited and some fantastic use of more than one camera to convey the atmosphere of stalking. Nice work…


Bit bored at work so thought would post up. Already started planning for GZ this year. G3, M4, APS2, USP, SHotty, Mosin are all ready to go. Woodburner is gonna be sorted soon and the rest is the same as usual. Gun bus is fixed, my mate isnt, probably never will be.

Money saved. Perhaps some new cammys…. new ghillie suit needs some work. Has done for the last 2 years oops. still it’ll be lighter and more breathable. Last one was an anorak with a carpet on basically and its nearly always 24 degrees at GZ. Sweaty. So one based on net and much lighter more effective camo should keep me cool. Some bods still having transpo difficulties. COme onnnnnn get it sorted. All in all cant wait. Hopefully off up to NSC next GD for a bit of greenery and shootin. APS2 is proper squared away after anzio (power reduction and a new hop rubber) git some.

Ooooh ppsh anyone?