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So I’ve used trip mines on and off for a few years. Had some great laughs usually with misfires whilst setting…. Spider.  Never owned any myself always used spiders 12g spring loaded affairs. Very effective but arsey to set. Well for me anyway so never thought to buy any for the sake of them sitting in a drawer and not being used.

Roll on to a recent game day and Jamieraptor pulls a small cylinder and trip line out and twirls it around like a nunchuck. Always interested in shiny new stuff Jamie let me have a go.

The dynatex Scaremonger is small, very easy to set yet easy to trigger , runs on 9mm blanks, is loud and has a built in safe mechanism. Bit pricey should it go missing as people have had happen but worth it all the same I think. Should be fun at the next skirmish. Sprayed mine up green as its a bit shiny and visible.


After a bit of a strip down and a clean my 96 was playing up a bit. The symptoms were the bolt was very stiff going forwards and backwards, sometimes jamming up.

After carefully checking the grub screws in the otherwise excellent pdi hop unit which can protrude into the nozzle grove if not careful and obstruct the last 20mm of movement in the bolt, I managed to eventually pin down the issue.

Essentially a grub screw which secures the outer barrel to breech block needed to be so tight that it was deforming the outer barrel. This was because over time the thread had worn and the screw needed to be really wound in to get purchase.

The remedy!

First up, a slightly larger grub screw (M3 in this case) fitted (see below) tapping the hole out to receive it. You could probably do this by just winding the screw in carefully to the block as it’s fairly soft metal. (remember to keep backing off and use lubricant – ooer missus!). Then simply cut the grub screw to length required.
breech block
Next up, you can see the damage done to the outer barrel here. This was evident inside as well with a pimple forming that was preventing bolt movement. Bit of patient use with a dremel or round file sorts this (and if you can be bothered a polishing wheel on the dremel to finish off the inside and make it slide smoothly in and out… No this is not scripted by Frankie Howard)
barrel thread

That should do it…

Whilst it was apart I grabbed a photo of the set pin mod. This failed a while ago when a stronger spring was fitted. (Originally a Well MB01, about 6 years ago!). Rather than payout £150+ for a laylax trigger block I found a piece of key steel (the part between door handles works well) followed by a bit of measuring, a hacksaw and some finishing off on a grinding wheel (a file would do just as well) and voila, you have a bomb proof set pin for about an hours work and about 2.5% of the cost!
set pin

Hope this helps at some point!


Trip off to Dishforth for some shootin. Been aaaaaaaages. Which is the pointy end again?

You can find directions, info and all the usual at their website here


NSC have moved their forum to, users will have to re-register by the looks of it. So get over and secure your username!

I’ll be at next game day after missing far too many. Hope to see you there!


Bit bored at work so thought would post up. Already started planning for GZ this year. G3, M4, APS2, USP, SHotty, Mosin are all ready to go. Woodburner is gonna be sorted soon and the rest is the same as usual. Gun bus is fixed, my mate isnt, probably never will be.

Money saved. Perhaps some new cammys…. new ghillie suit needs some work. Has done for the last 2 years oops. still it’ll be lighter and more breathable. Last one was an anorak with a carpet on basically and its nearly always 24 degrees at GZ. Sweaty. So one based on net and much lighter more effective camo should keep me cool. Some bods still having transpo difficulties. COme onnnnnn get it sorted. All in all cant wait. Hopefully off up to NSC next GD for a bit of greenery and shootin. APS2 is proper squared away after anzio (power reduction and a new hop rubber) git some.

Ooooh ppsh anyone?


Or are there?

A new team founded at NSC recently, THE EINHERJAR.

A mix of former Raps, Halo and new guys, it should be a fine force.  This leaves the question what is next for the Raptors?

Is there a Raptors?

Should there be a Raptors?

Perhaps its time to lay a venerable name to rest that has after all been going since the days of Stretch.  Something new??