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I’ve intentionally ripped this post from my own blog as I think it’s worth posting for anyone looking to get into airsoft.

I’ve constructed a map with as many airsoft sites as I could. You can find it as a Google earth layer here.

It’s been constructed mainly from the UKARA registered sites list, and for any sites that don’t appear or are in the wrong place it’s because I couldn’t find either the info easily on a website, or even the website itself. (I’ve tried to include website links where I could.)

Lastly, I didn’t get paid in any way shape or form to do this, not so much as a free BB. I did it so new players could perhaps get involved easier as I believe they’re the lifeblood of the sport. I make absolutely no comment on how good or bad a site is, and leave it up to you to find out – although feel free to comment away (I can always delete any I don’t like!)

If you can’t access Google Earth then you can either use google maps with the same information on here or just browse below

View Larger Map

If you know of more sites, or can give me better information then please leave a comment or drop me an email.