The Raptors Armoury

So after a recent game day, the last ever at Gunho near Guisborough, we decided to take a snapshot of our current kit (as of October 2013) with a view to making a determined effort to get some write ups done. I always found write ups helpful when I first started, as knowing what was what in an aeg was, and still can be confusing and anything that helps spread the sport and encourage more players in can only be a good thing as far as I am concerned.

So reading this you will perhaps ask what guides us, the Raptors, in our choice of all things shooty and related guff. Well for starters Spider and I agree on a great many things but we also have different styles and weapon choices due to personal choice. A couple of basic things we do agree on are:

1) Should be reliable internally and as much as possible externally (Spider has sat on one or two of his AEG’s) preferably without spending a fortune on upgrades. I’ve heard too many such and such a brand, stylish little latest thingy spin a gear and strip a piston on the first over keen usage of the fun button.

2) AEG’s shouldn’t cost a fortune. They are in essence some plastic, rubber and metal components, a precision (ish) brass barrel, an electric motor and that’s about it. Not much more than a domestic microwave and you can get those for £30. So AEG’s costing over £200 are a tad pricey. Conversations on UK vs Far East prices and the UK Airsoft industry pricing model is something best left to Spider to talk about.

Now that said I have owned a Systema and currently own a DSR which together cost the equivalent of a small family car, but it is the experience of buying those AEG’s and other much cheaper kit that has lead me away from true geardoism.

So…. A couple of beers in, spiders camera and some camo net and you get



The Raptors Armoury