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But intend on getting there this year. 

Ground Zero’s National Airsoft Event is a biggy.  ‘The Weekender’ attracts over one thousand airsofters from around Europe and condenses them into a large, hilly wooded airsoft areana for a weekends socialising and shooting.

The site itself near Hazelwood is very large however having up to 500 per team on three teams means you are never far from a seriously large shoot up.  In recent years they have opened up a mature pine platation which provides an eery ardennes like forest to stalk through.  Particulary suitable for those of a sniper bent.

All types of airsoft can be encountered with CQB in the buildings, stalinkg in the woodland combined with the more open terrain of the 4×4 course giving open shoot outs between large groups.

Combined with an on site shop and bar its a cracking weekend with fellow airsofters and if you camp, a ‘social’ scene you wont forget.  Or in our case very often remember.

Last year we cancelled due there being no thursday camping, its a long way after all, however this year it may be back on and even if its not it left a big hole in the airsoft diary.  Hope to see you there.