Now just a few scant weeks to go till we head south for THE bank holiday weekend bash at Ground Zero.

Raptors sign for the Others

Raptors sign for the Others

As is traditional we’ll be playing for “the others” dedicated to chaos and mayhem, and whose numbers stand at 470, vs Bravo (562) and Delta (569). So with 3 weeks to go there are 1601 bookings and there’s always a few more closer to the day… Will they top 1700 this year?

There’s some frantic last minute sorting of gear, and trying to work out just how many guns I want to carry up the hills. But even with usual chaos, in-game shennigans, Swampy on his iphone like a teenage girl, and outnumbered 3 to 1 it looks set to be a good weekend. Where else are you ever going to be part of an airsoft event on this scale?

It may not be the most serious event, but for sheer fun hard to beat…

The Raptors also have a surprise detour planned. More of that in the post match report!


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