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Next away trip – Centurion, Scarborough
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22nd April we’re off to try out Centurion Airsoft, Scarborough. Hoping the weather and legs hold out and rumour has it that the rare and elusive lesser spotted MilGeek will make a battlefield appearance! (There, now he has to go!)

As always be good to see anyone there, link to their website above…


One Response to “Next away trip – Centurion, Scarborough”

  • Milgeek says:

    Wife ran me up to the site location today for a recce – took 15 mins. from our house! 🙂

    Checked weather – RAIN! Still – as long as it isn’t windy.

    Had a scare with my last remaining charger – it started playing silly buggers. But as far as I can see the batteries are charging. Taking one AEG – H&K G3A3 as I guess it’s better for woodland.

    I’m actually getting a bit nervous now! What a wuss! 🙂

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